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Carbon Cleaning Machines

Carbon Cleaning Machines


We have developed, and now manufacture, a machine that will remove carbon from engines, which works on both petrol and diesel vehicles.  Newly manufactured vehicles tend to build up carbon over a period of time.  Carbon build up will lead to a reduction in performance and fuel efficiency.

Using our Hydrogen Technology, our carbon cleaning machine will quickly remove carbon build up, transforming your vehicle to its original condition, and is of particular benefit to vehicles with poor performance or high emissions.

The cleaning process takes just one hour and we offer a mobile service throughout the South West.  We also manufacture the machine for sale and welcome trade enquiries.

Carbon Cleaning Prices

Motorcycles £40

Diesel & Petrol Private Cars from £80

Rotary Cars (Mazda RX) £100

Commercial Vans £100

Farm Machinery from £100

Buses & Trucks £250

For Further Information Contact us on 07710 145621

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