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De Verde limited are the Manufacturer & Wholesalers of the Pegasus range of products. The de Verde HHO Cells currently in production are a prototype design and may not represent the final product.  Slight changes may occur from time to time, without notice, as the technology advances.  All our products are sold on this basis and installed into your vehicle totally at your own risk.

De verde technology relies on correct Installation/application to work correctly,with regular inspection of water levels and periodic maintenance by De verde technicians. The correct volts/amps must be maintained.

The customer service book must be fully up to date and signed by de verde technicians.- We do not accept any liability for bad installations/applications or modifications to our product without our written consent.

All installations must be performed by ourselves, or by our fully qualified and approved installers.

The customer must ensure that the water levels (minimum/maximum) are not exceeded at all times.  Cell failure or damage is not covered by our warranty if the water levels are not maintained in accordance with the maintenance instructions provided when our systems are installed.

Should any cells fail we will offer a replacement within the terms of our business, which is 12 months from purchase.30 day money back guarantee applies to new retail customers only, Installed at our Devon Premises, by our own Installers.

We are not responsible for Installs performed by our agents or wholesale customers, and we do not guarantee any DIY or third party installs. We will not replace cells if they are not returned in original, good condition.

We cannot replace or refund high milage cells or cells over 12 mths from purchase. We will replace cells should any manufacture fault be found.

De Verde limited are manufacturers and wholesalers and cannot be held in any way responsible for third party installations or applications that exceed our recommended settings.

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