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Rotary Engines

We now offer a dedicated hydrogen kit for Mazda RX7/8. This kit will keep your engine running clean with less carbon issues.  It removes carbon build up from Apex seals. Other great benefits include immediate torque gains, improved performance and cooler running. Customers have also reported lower emissions and better MPG! Kits from £350 including […]

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Aviva Accepts our Fuel Enhancement Device

Many customers query whether our system will be accepted by insurance companies. The answer is YES and we have a list of insurance companies who have accepted our product. Most notably is Aviva who have organised car insurance for many of our customers and have even reduced the premium for one of our customers by […]

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More Torque for Towing

A customer came in today interested in our hydrogen systems, but this time he wasn’t interested in more mpg, he wanted more torque for towing. So, we fitted a H2R 4×4 hydrogen system. After the test run, Aran was a happy man! No remap required! BMW 3.0 petrol auto . 17 July 2014

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