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Hydrogen-on-Demand Technology

Water will one day be employed as fuel, that hydrogen and oxygen of which it is constituted will be used” Jules Verne 1874

We supply H2R Hydrogen Cell kits for DIY fitting, individually configured to suit your vehicle. The kits are easy to fit in a couple of hours, complete with instructions and support from our technical helpline.  If you prefer not to fit the kit yourself, we offer a fitting service at our shop. All the kits are high quality and clear running and will provide a solution to your emission issues, fuel economy and lack of performance with astounding results.

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Originally designed by John Hickman and his team, ten years’ of Hydrogen Cell R&D experience has resulted in a high-end product, built from marine-grade stainless steel and titanium, designed to be ahead of the game.

To order your kit, or for more information, contact our office on Tel: 01752 223372 / 07710 145621 or Email:

Our Hydrogen on Demand systems (HHO) create Hydrogen from water and they are simple to install and maintain.

Adding Hydrogen to the fuel mixture of your vehicle will greatly improve the efficiency of the combustion.

This system will not allow you to run your car on water, but it will greatly reduce the amount of  fossil fuel you use and help to reduce your vehicles impact on the environment.

Over the next 50 years, hydrogen use is expected to grow dramatically as an automotive and electrical power source fuel. – U.S Dept of Transport  2007

Benefits of using a HHO System

  • Cleaner engine and oils due to reduced hydrocarbon accumulation
  • Easy to install and minimal maintenance required
  • Feel good knowing that you are doing your bit to keep our beautiful planet breathing easily

How HHO systems works



The HHO Cell uses electricity from the car’s battery to produce Hydrogen & Oxygen gas from water in the HHO Cell. This gas is then added to fuel air mixture of the car before it enters the engine.

In diesel and petrol engined vehicles as much as 62.4% of the fuel is not converted to useful energy and is instead lost mainly as heat. By adding Hydrogen to the fuel air mixture a far cleaner burn of the fuel is achieved resulting in lower engine and exhaust gas operating temperatures.

Far more of the fuel you pay for is converted into useful work to power the car rather than being wasted as heat.

Where to get your system professionally fitted

de Verde Limited are happy to supply and professionally install this system into your vehicle at your premises. Alternatively we have trained installers in various locations within the UK.  Please contact us for information.

Converting your vehicle to a hydrogen hybrid yourself

Our range of  HHO kits can be fitted easily at home by DIY enthusiasts. As well as the complete kit with all fittings we also provide comprehensive fitting and safety instructions, video tutorials and expert technical support in our members area section of this site.

Choose the right HHO cell


1) Hydrogen on Demand is a new technology, which is still in its infancy.
2) All hydrogen cells produced/supplied by de Verde Limited, are prototypes.
3) Although good results have been achieved, no warranties can be given to the performance, as every vehicle is different.
4) Installations are performed with the customer’s permission and at their own risk.
5) All cells are designed for 12v vehicles, running at a maximum of 7 amps and any attempt to alter the product design or specifications will void the Manufacturer’s warranty.
6) The specification of the product may change as the technology advances. Contact us for further information.

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